Eighth Grade Interview Highlight

The adolescent came in with confidence, gently closed the door, sat down, smiled and introduced himself.      Later in the interview came the phrase that warmed my heart, the one that evidenced maturity that goes far beyond his junior high aged soul.

The question posed to the student in the interview was, “Considering the long term and short term in life, what are your goals?”  I was pleased to hear several start with, “Well, heaven, of course,” then go on from there.  Many mentioned God’s will.  The one that grabbed my heart was the boy who, after mentioning striving to do well in high school and college, said, “…and have a strong Catholic family and SERVE THEM WELL.”

I could go on a long time about the science of the adolescent brain and delayed development of the frontal lobe.  The news typically brings us negative news about the evidence of such, of which I will go on NO LONGER.

Here’s a young man, who has witnessed the goodness of Christian giving and longs to be able to spend himself in love of others in the context of family, or who knows, maybe a parish.  Either way, GOD BE PRAISED.  It is good to see such vivid examples of the fruit of grace in their soul.  May He bring to fulfillment the good work He has begun.

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