I (Hate, strikethrough)Love (stikethrough) Need Lent!

I Hate Love Need Lent!  (We have CLEAR ashes this year! Picture examples are sprinkled below.)

God knows me well.  My fickle spirit needs a regular resetting, a regular reminder to cooperate with His grace and strive toward the goodness toward which God calls, a restoration of at least a little discipline in life.  Oh how I need it!  It is so bad, I’m feeling really good about it….so far I’ve kept my Lenten resolutions well and….. it’s just about noon, 1/80th of the way to Easter.

At least I have a positive start.  I’m not below claiming that, so it’s onward and upward, please God!  A friend of Father’s just shared a list of possible Lenten resolutions.  I found them interesting; hope you do, too.  They come from daily family life:




your cellphone (or, texting, shopping online, Face-book, etc. online)

  • television or your favorite television show
  • television before a certain hour
  • television AFTER a certain hour
  • coffee (yes, coffee)
  • caffeine in any form
  • diet soda
  • donuts
  • hamburgers
  • pizza (yes, pizza)
  • chocolate
  • anything with chocolate flavor
  • all snacks or desserts
  • movies, Netflix, movie rentals
  • the Internet
  • March Madness
  • following your favorite sports team
  • video games
  • celebrity magazines
  • golf (an objectively grave moral evil) (only kidding)
  • booze (yes, booze)
  • watching golf on TV
  • a destructive, irresistible “friendship”
  • doubt that some very small goodness matters, it does!
  • foul language
  • picking your nose
  • not grooming properly
  • sports radio
  • satellite radio
  • music radio
  • talk radio

  • restaurants
  • eating lunch outside of work
  • driving when you could walk
  • sleeping in late on the weekends
  • hitting the Snooze Button in the morning
  • fast food drive-throughs
  • shopping for clothes or food
  • soap operas
  • working on cars
  • working in your shop
  • chess
  • fishing, hunting, four-wheeling, skateboarding

  • some of your “alone” time doing any hobby
  • your absolute favorite, passionate hobby (aha, you just fainted!)
  • nagging your husband (you know who you are)
  • criticizing your wife (she knows who you are)
  • interrupting others
  • knitting, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, sudoku
  • knitting? (you addicts understand)
  • cigarettes
  • cigars, gum, and “phony candy” breath mints
  • cookies

  • chips
  • cellphone calls in your car on the drive home
  • Bluetooth headset (more difficult than you think)
  • fantasy football, basketball, or baseball
  • ice cream
  • betting on March Madness
  • gossiping at work—say something nice instead
  • stealing “little stuff” from your employer, including time online
  • relations with your spouse (on certain days or weeks)
  • thinking about yourself when you wake up or go to sleep (pray instead)
  • thinking about yourself when you drive (pray instead)
  • buying anything you don’t need

Or stated the other way you could add:

  • cooking breakfast for your kids
  • stopping by your neighbors to say hello for weeks
  • smiling when you arrive at the office
  • eating your vegetables (even you adults)
  • exercise
  • visit or call your “not close by” relatives

God bless and guide you in your Lenten practices as well as those of your family!

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