“OK Google, show me ___________.”

OK Google is a function on mobile devices that is voice activated and does what you ask as much as it is able (Siri and Alexa have similarities).  Some small children have used it to learn about things they wonder about.  Some of the things they wonder about are age-appropriate and morally appropriate.  Other things are typical for their developmental stage, but a mobile device is not the place to learn about such things.

The following scenario is real, but reported anonymously here……Some kids last week were talking about what they were going to ask OK Google to show them.  The content was not appropriate.  Thanks be to God, perceptive adults had their ears open and the kids did not actually do what they spoke about.  One of them said, “My parents don’t have OK Google, but my uncle’s friend does.”  Many of us think our kids are safe because we have internet filters on our devices.  Such care is wise essential , but it can’t let our vigilance take a vacation thinking the job is done.  Many a child is exposed to inappropriate content at a friend or neighbor’s house.

Do you have a ready response for when your child tells you he/she stumbled upon pornography?  The question is not if children will see something inappropriate, but when, and what will they do?  We work to keep them from such evils that attack and destroy innocence, but open dialogues that enable them to talk to you when the preventative measures fail are essential if we are to help guide the children through the culture in which we live.

Literature that can lead you through dialogues with your child is of great assistance to some.  Matt and Jen Davis, parents of eight children, came to an SFA meeting last year and presented about a book called “Good Pictures, Bad Pictures.”  It is recommended for children aged 3-7.  It is available here with a 2-min. video of a parent sharing about the book:  https://www.amazon.com/Kristen-A.-Jenson-M.A./e/B00J0MGITQ  The following short podcast is a recent interview with Matt and Jennifer Davis about using the book:  http://www.lincolndiocese.org/catechist-resources/christ-our-teacher-podcasts

You may have a ready response for your child when they stumble upon something; planning is so wise.  A proper response is key to keeping children from shame and tendencies to return to the inappropriate material.  Father Kilcawley’s presentation at Integrity Restored helps parents know how to respond.  Father was here for the October SFA meeting with exceptional information.  The website has similar information and we hope to have Father back again.  See http://integrityrestored.com/getting-help/parents/.

May the Good Lord help us to shine His light into dark places.  Remember He can use ALL things for good if we place them in His hands.  We are His children and He is with us.  We are not orphans, but beloved children of Our Father.  Let us call upon Him for help as often as we need it, which for me is pretty much constantly.  He is a Faithful Father, who sends His help.

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