“Sorry We Needed a Flu Day”

“Mom, we had three different substitutes today!”  I must say, the children were a lot more excited about that than I was.  Having to piecemeal an educational day together does not provide the highest educational environment, though it can help kids have a bit of flexibility.


This is what it is supposed to look like!  Engaged students with their normal teacher!

If we look for grace we can find it in all things.  The Lord promises to use ALL for our good if we cooperate:  not some, but all things!  That is hard to swallow in some situations, but I have found it true.  Sometimes I wonder how He is going to use this, when I find myself in a nasty situation.  When I slow down and look closely, I find grace and opportunity for goodness.  I’m sure God feels affirmed that I find His Word to be true…

Thank you for your kindness in working with the available reality of illness in our school.  I’m sure many, if not most, of your families were inconvenienced by not only needing to provide for your children on a work day, but also with less than 24 hours’ notice.  We got the word out as quickly as we could on Monday, and Margaret and Mary in the main office went above and beyond by calling those who were unable to reply themselves.  I had anticipated needing to ask teachers to contact some parents, but they took care of making sure everybody was notified from the office.

When I heard that opening line from a child, I cringed, but it is probably just such things from the children that help you understand why we did what we did.  While you were probably not thrilled with the news, I did not hear one irritated or distressed comment from anyone.  We had many assurances of prayer and support for the decision made.  Trust me, we have no plans to repeat the scenario.  In my thirty years in Catholic Education here in Lincoln, we’ve never had to do this.  I can’t assure you it will be thirty more years, but I can thank you for your cooperation in helping us get through the hiccup.  Monday we had six teachers out and five on the fence.  Today we have four out and nobody on the fence.   We are on the mend, thanks be to God, and I’m also thanking Him for your flexibility.

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