Walking In His Shoes

Father Townsend had his foot up on the chair and was tying one shiny black shoe.  The other, still untied, followed after.  I asked, “New shoes, Father?”


He replied, “These are my Sunday Mass and meetin’ goin’ shoes.  One of the servers wears the same size I do, and he needed my shoes.”  There we were on the Feast of St. John Bosco, and Father had just given the shoes off his feet to a boy who needed them.  St. John Bosco did similar things regularly.  That’s our pastor, a very good and kind man!  What a positive example for our children!

Just before that, I had approached a junior high student donning a beautiful skirt.  As I approached from the back, I joked, with one of the ultimate compliments, “Excuse me ma’am….oh, you are (student’s name), I thought you were an adult.  What a beautiful skirt you have!”

“Thank, you, Sister,” she replied.   With a smirk on her face she said to me, “I like your dress, too.”

“Thank you, (name used), it cost me my life,” I replied with a smile.  Another adult in the area helped her, more fully understand the humor and yet profound nature of the comment.

These two scenes from Student Day of Catholic Schools Week illustrate snippets of Catholic Culture that help make our school God’s school.   It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what builds a culture but such incidents matter, and they happen frequently.

Today has been officially dubbed “The Lord’s Day”.  Other entities here get a day dedicated to them, the Lord should certainly have His!  Children may wear a faith based shirt in lue of their uniforms.  I saw this one from afar, and wondered if the fellow got the memo on the faith aspect.  A closer examination proved him correct!


Another such scene is will come tomorrow at 2:30, when a teacher kisses a pig.  The real winners of the contest are the kids who will get to eat one meal a day through the Mary’s Meals program, the sixth graders who have beautifully orchestrated the drive, and all the kids who gave to the project.  If you’d like to watch, Mrs. Noble will be streaming it live through our Facebook account.  The url is below.  Technology breaks old boundaries almost daily!  Right now Mr. Van Dyke’s pig is really heavy, but I hear there is competition at hand!  We shall see.  May the Good Lord bless it all!

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