Animal Roundup II

Stuffed Animals, not only do they make good gifts as itemized last week, but they also:

  1. Are soft to the touch and they don’t scratch.
  2. You can put your face on their fur, and they don’t stink, nor do they have bad breath.
  3. Kids can sleep with them all night, and they don’t have to “go out.”
  4. Their food is really inexpensive, so is their veterinarian care.
  5. They don’t die, but sometimes they really probably should get buried.
  6. If you give in and get a few too many, they do really well in storage, and can drift away from there without trauma to the family.
  7. They can actually be a benefit in the car on vacation, boarding is not an issue.
  8. Can they help us live our call to holiness better? Maybe in small ways, primarily because they don’t distract us as much from the most important things of life.  Take  2 min. to see what I mean:

The closing video by Mark Hartfiel reminds me of the importance of ‘now’ in living my call.  When I go into the school, how will I greet the first person I meet?  If someone needs a little something, how will I respond?  I need reminders to look and see the people so that I may love well.  (I also don’t need more extraneous things to take care of and screens to look at!  Give me a cute child in an animal hat, and the Lord will readily squeeze some love out, even when my heart is a bit cold and withered.)

May He bless me with the ability to see goodness and His presence in each of those I encounter today.  If they have an animal hat, that’s a bonus.  I’m praying He will share those blessings with you, too.  May we not be distracted by the tyranny of the immediate when it is unimportant, so that we can truly live our vocation in grace.

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