Jesus is the Reason

Jesus loves you, He came as a Baby to prove it, and He would eventually die on the cross to show it again.  Our program last night, A Children’s Story of Christmas, highlighted that with clarity.  The children emphasized the message with the joy and innocence of children, cute animals, A REAL BABY in a live nativity, graceful dancers, actors, and, last but not least this year, hand bells and a violin!

Beautiful Children

Cute Animals

Classical education involves beauty, truth, and a degree of timelessness.  All three were incorporated with dignity, portraying the most important message ever brought to earth.  Thank you, Miss Bohlig, who directed and wrote the play.  Thanks also especially to Mrs. Purbaugh and Miss Barry who were instrumental in helping every step of the way.  We also appreciate your efforts as parents and teachers to work with many details to make the whole play successful.


Live Nativity


Graceful Dancers

A parent sent an email this morning, illustrating that this is not done without a lot of effort!  Permission was given to quote the note anonymously:

Good Morning!  I had to send you a quick note of thanks after seeing the Christmas play yesterday.  I have to admit that after going to one of the practices a few weeks ago, I was worried about these kids pulling it all together.  I think they all did a fabulous job and it is a testament to your ability to lead them and pull out their unique sets of talent.  I can only imagine how much work this was – thank you so much for providing a great experience to the students and wonderful memories for all of their families!!

This year’s performance was definitely one of my favorites.  (and not because ________ was in it!!)  I loved that it was so simple and that the nativity was the center of the program rather than just something something touched on towards the end.  It really put me in the Christmas spirit!

Job well done by all!!  Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this play and into these students.


Hand Bells and Violin

Another quote, “That big fellow and the twenty pound hand bell lends masculinity to the handbell choir!”


Yet another, “That was beautiful!  The last song left me with tears in my eyes!”

sisthThanks, Lord, for helping provide the talent and the guidance to put together such events in Your honor!

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