Goodness In Action

The Sisters and I came across this scene as we left school at 4:45.

teddyLook closely at the little fellow, he’s hardly as tall as the pews, when on his knees as pictured here.  He’s praying the Stations of the Cross.  I’m not sure if he can read the words in the book he is using or if he uses the pictures, but it doesn’t matter, prayer is more important than reading, and this little fellow is at prayer.  His family has a holy hour and we often see them on the same day of the week as we gather in Church to check out with the Lord before returning to the convent.  He does my heart good, I know Catholic Education is good, very good, but Lord thanks for the confirmation in the flesh.


Speaking of confirmations of goodness, our Student Council also did a beautiful job with the Flag Folding Ceremony.  Mike Smith our custodian, is a career military man.  He would want me to add in, not just military, Army!  Quite some time ago we spoke of a short Veteran’s Day commemoration after Mass on Nov. 11th.  Mike said he would take care of it.  When you have a good man saying he will take care of it, you trust he will do so, especially a military man.  So I asked few questions, other than, Mike it can’t be longer than 10 to 15 minutes, please.  Kids and teachers have to get back to class and to work….WOW did he and the kids put on a beautiful Flag Folding Ceremony.

Mike began with the two daily bugle calls from military bases, retreat and call to colors during which the Student Council processed in with a large flag.  The music and the colors were very striking.  The attention of all was riveted.  Then as Mr. Smith read the meaning of each fold the students folded the flag beautifully.  For adolescents, whom we later learned were new to flag folding, to do such a solemn job with dignity is a tribute to them and to Mr. Smith.  WELL DONE.

Just over a week ago, our children presented our pastor with a spiritual bouquet for his Feastday.  For those of you who are not familiar with Spiritual Bouquets, they are a gathering of prayers for an individual.  Here the artist of the card presents the card to Father.  Inside the prayers of the students are listed, thousands of them!  You can see the card a little better in one picture than in the other.

first-grade-prayersFinally, first graders are taking their rosaries to Mass and diligently praying for the poor souls.  On their way back to the classroom after Mass, their teacher heard one of them say to another, “I think I got one today.”  (Praying for souls to be released from Purgatory……one more in heaven?)  If he didn’t have one before that act of faith, I think the Lord would bring another soul to heaven on the merits and confidence of that little child.  And again this morning one of the little ones said, “I prayed one hundred Hail Marys for those guys.”  He used the time during communion profitably as well as those minutes before Mass!  Well done!

God bless us all!signature with links

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  1. This was lovely and meaningful, Sr. Michael. Thanks!

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