At Last

Have you ever shared your “at last” moment with your children?  This week has been designated Vocation Awareness Week in our country.  When we think and pray about vocations, we focus on priests and Sisters, which is very good, since these vocations are a special call and we want children to be open to them.  But the primary vocation – the one that is the foundation for all others – is that of marriage.  A priest I know always encourages married couples to share their “at last” moment with their children.  What does he mean?

Well, it actually goes back to our first parents, Adam and Eve.  When God created Adam, He brought to him various creatures to see what he would name them.  As Adam looked at a goose, a cow and a dog, he saw a creature that was somewhat like him, but not like him.  He recognized how he had something different, something that made him more like God than they were.  This was called his “original solitude.”  It meant that he had a special relationship with God because of his immortal soul.


But God wanted more for Adam.  He said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.”  He cast a deep sleep upon Adam and raised up a woman from his own rib.  He wanted Adam to have another person who could experience what he could; someone who could know him and whom he could know in a very deep way.  When Adam arose, he beheld this someone – Eve.  She was like him, but not like him.  She could understand him and he could understand himself more fully through her.  When his gaze met hers he exclaimed, “At last, this one is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh!”  This was Adam’s experience of “original unity.”  And only then was God’s creation fully complete:  “In the divine image He created him:  male and female He created them…and God saw that it was very good.”


So, have you ever shared your “at last” moment with your children?  Have you shared the story of when you knew that this person was the one God meant for you?  Maybe it was on a date when he did something silly.  Maybe it was when she chewed on the corner of her hair in that endearing way.  Maybe it was big or maybe it was small.  Regardless, your children would love to know the details.  Why?  Because this is their story.  This is where their own vocation begins.  No spouse is perfect and some of us have come from broken homes.  Yet, God worked in the midst of that relationship to create us and that is very special.  Your child needs to know, “God has a plan for my life and He has from before I was even born.  He brought these two people together just so that I could exist!  He must really love me.”

If possible, share this gift with your children, and let your vocation be the springboard for finding theirs.

Sister Mary Angela.



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