Gaping Wounds

I wish this newsletter was not needed. I wish we were not prone to sin.  I wish children could easily remain free and innocent.  Strike three, I’m out.  Therefore, I write on.strike-out


Next Tuesday at 7:00.  Come please, right here to St. Peter gym.  Fr. Kilcawley will help us to know how to bandage the gaping wounds of our children, and of society.  When your child stumbles into inappropriate content in the media, handling it well as a parent has massive formative ramifications in your child’s life.  Here at school we have no less than 20 exterior doors that are locked to keep your children safe.  We have 99 computers or tablets with filtering to help keep their minds pure.  Nevertheless, we too, need to learn and know how to help foster goodness in a society that is forgetting what it looks like.

I will be there and I pray you will, too.  Parents of preschoolers are certainly not too young, nor are parents of adolescents too experienced in their parenting to benefit from Father’s presentation.

Fr. Kilcawley, the presenter for the evening, is one of our very own diocesan priests who travels throughout the country to give these presentations, as a matter of fact his assignment here in the diocese is part time, to allow him to travel to other places with this essential message.  We are blessed to have him come here, join us please.  Yes, I am begging you to come.  If we are to team together for the good of the children, this is possibly the most important meeting of the year regarding your child’s formation.

Hoping and praying you are able to join us Tuesday, October 18th at 7:00 in the gym.

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