Dabo Swinney and Civility

All of a sudden I like Clemson football.  I had never heard of Dabo Swinney until a few minutes ago, and it is dangerous to support a stand when you know little of what is behind it, but Dabo made it clear.  He said, “If we would live by the two greatest commandments a lot of problems would go away….”  Jesus is the foundation of his statement and I respect a Christian who will put His light on a stand to be seen.

The world is full of good and there is also plenty of evil.  Where do we want to focus?  Do we let the media take us for a ride down slopes we would really rather not go?  Dabo reminds me of a question I heard quite some time ago, “If Jesus were to comment on what is going on in the world right now, what would he say?”  After I shuddered a bit, I listened to the answer (I don’t recall from whom).  Jesus would say, “Look at all the love.  Look at the goodness.  Look at the way spouses are working together for their families.  Look at the love of parents for their children and children for their parents.  See neighbors helping one another.  Kindness to others is being prompted by another’s need.  Note the acceptance of suffering, offered for the good of others.  Etc., etc., etc.”  Jesus would go on and on, because HE HAS EYES FOR LOVE.  He sees love first and foremost.  He recognizes love in places where we miss it. He sees it often and almost everywhere.  Today we celebrate the Triumph of the Cross.  He was Love on that cross, and His Father saw that love.

I asked a few people where they have seen love recently?  A few samples….


Student choice reminding us to keep God first.


Jesus Loves Us All!


“Mr. May helped with my medal that fell off 150 times!”



My Grandma Loves Me!

Jesus in this year of mercy, this year of an outpouring of love, help us to see love.

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