What a good trip it was!  Sunshine (30 degrees warmer than the original date with the rain date), a warm breeze, and a delightful afternoon in God’s beauty combined for a great event.  For all 100 pictures in a minute go to:

Thanks to the many adults who helped (20+).  We had not only moms and dads, but grandpas, acolytes, relatives and friends helping us out.  We are also grateful to the FINS program sponsored by the NE Game and Parks Commission, who provided the trailer with fifty fishing poles, complete with not only reels that worked, but bobbers, weights and hooks.  I was duly impressed by moms as well as dads that were able to teach kids how to hold a caught fish, bait a hook, and keep a line in the water for a little while.  Some also learned how to make the catch look a little bigger for the camera.  Four of my favorite pictures are here.


Sister Mary Maximilian and her dad


Boys being boys, it is good!

Photo May 06, 2 18 09 PM

Looking like a professional angler!

Photo May 06, 1 41 59 PM (1)

I’m surprised she will touch it! Good job!

May we make a moment here and there in life to enjoy the Lord’s simple pleasures of life in the original outdoor Cathedral.

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