Advice for the People of Steinauer….

Directly from the fifth graders regarding the only pastor most of them have ever known:


“I hear you are getting our old priest, Father Christensen.” (italics added)

“Father Christensen is very funny, thoughtful and holy.”

Without exception the children mentioned the importance of POLAND!

“You’ll figure out quickly, but he loves Poland.”

“Father Christensen is a great priest.  He talks about Poland a lot and about the history of Poland.”

“Father likes Poland a lot.  Sometimes we get Polish Dogs for lunch.”

“He is very smart.  In his homilies he talks a lot about Poland and Saints.  He knows almost everything about a lot of Saints.

“He loves Poland and loves to talk about it.”

“Enjoy his love for Poland, kindness, and so much more!”

“During Christmas time, he might bring you Polish wafers, they are so good.”

“Father Christensen loves Poland…for lunch he even gave us kolaches for dessert.

“He likes to spray everyone with his Polish Broom.  He also likes to use incensors.”

General comments:

“Father talks about the birds and the.….(dramatic pause) rabbits.” (Dramatic pause added.)

 “Father Christensen likes to talk about his garden and how rabbits come and eat his plants.”

 “He is kind and generous in giving. Last year he bought a chocolate ark for all of us to have a piece at lunch time.”

“He is kind, you can tell it in his voice.”

“He is a very holy man.”

“Father does not smile that much, but he is the best priest you could have….you will like him.”

“St. Anthony Church, please take care of Fr. Christensen.”

“He is a great priest, I can’t wait for you to see him!  You will love him as we have loved him.”

Father we are praying for you!

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