“We See a Miracle Every Day”

Yes, this one gets it.  After a short class on miracles, the second grader realized they witness a miracle every day at Mass.  One indicator of a good intellect is the ability to make connections.   This second grader connected her instruction on the Eucharist with the content on miracles.

Father Christensen, in his homily at the Mass on Saturday in which the children received their First Communion, stated that he finds inspiration in the joy and faith present in the children when they come for their second communion on the weekend.

About the time you think the children have really “arrived” and are putting it all together, one of them says with great amazement, “You mean we get to receive on Monday too!”  I wonder who they think has been in that communion line they see daily.  It proves they are truly in the NOW.  Hadn’t put together the fact that that would be them next week.  (One indicator of a good intellect is the ability to make connections.   I guess the contrary is true also.  Remember intellect is not a virtue.) He witnessed to joy, if not to intellect.  We will take what we get and work at finding the positive!  Here are a few shots from the retreat day.

The children have also noticed the reverence of those going to communion.  They had comments like, “Why do some make the sign of the cross and others not?” and, “I noticed Mr. VanDyke genuflects.”

The children also journaled after the event.  Here are a couple entries.  (Note, please, that in journaling the intent is for children to get their thoughts down.  Spelling is not corrected, as the process is intended to maintain the flow of thought.)

May we all receive the Lord well and may the Lord’s graced presence in our souls look like these kids coming out on Saturday.

God bless us all.

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