Father Christensen on Dance

We all need to be open to surprises.  I had not anticipated the following:

  • That the words Father Christensen and dance would be in the same sentence.
  • That Father would use the word dance repeatedly.
  • Their use would be in a homily with a church full of children.
  • He almost smiled once, too.

Well done, Father, you had the children’s attention, too.  Father was sharing from a recently published book of letters from children to the Holy Father.  In the book one of the children asked Pope Francis, “What are your favorite things to do?”  The Holy Father responded that he loves to dance the Tango, and he did it frequently as a child.  Here’s the cover of the book:


Father Christensen continued with the theme, and spoke of the role of dance in society and in life.  David danced before the Ark of the Covenant.  Sometimes we just need to dance.  Children remind us of that regularly, I wrote of it a few weeks ago, after witnessing it in the halls of our school.

Fathers closing words encouraged the children to take time today to pray and maybe even dance.  It’s a good idea, and it looks differently for all of us, but we would probably all be a bit healthier if we were open to the true joys of life and gave vent to them in our lives.

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