Prolife Posters

We wanted to share a little beauty created by our kids.  These posters are moving on from our school to the next level of the contest.  Each poster has a beauty of its own.  I’ll comment on my favorite part of each below.  What’s yours?


Family life beautifully portrayed.  Dad is holding the baby and mom the kid’s hands.  The fonts are also varied and effective in adding emphasis.


This is just plain warmth.  This child gets the beauty of motherhood.


COLOR works here.  The variegated letters that go opposite with each one…along with a great message.  We must be willing to fight……and suffer….for the cause of life.


Three D picture here.  That brick path was a lot of work.  The family on it is beautiful.


Artistry is good here.  Drawing an ear that is on the side of a child’s head is hard enough….eyes and nose in the right place, makes for a cute fellow!


Daddy’s Girl!  May she know herself as a daughter of the Father!

May God who has blessed each of us with the gift of life continue to bless our families with all that will bring life in its fullness as He promises.

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  1. how amazing! this why i save these till i can go thro them!!!!

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