My Sisters, Under Persecution

Scenario #1 – “Hurry, we are glad you are hear, we want you to join us!” said the Sister shortly after the van pulled up at the curb.  The UNL Mission Trip to the Little Sisters of the Poor had just arrived at their home for the elderly, and they wanted them to come to the room of a dying resident.

“It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!” reported the 20 year old upon her return.  “They had set up an altar in her room and had been there with the dying woman through the night.  They prayed, sometimes out loud, sometimes quietly.  Shortly after we arrived she died so peacefully and beautifully.  I didn’t know death could look like that.”


Scenario #2.  Fifteen years ago Sister Maura Therese and I went to St. Louis where we were gathering information from those who personally knew Bishop Flavin.  We interviewed an elderly lady who lived at the home of the Little Sisters.  She greeted us and asked, “Shall we talk here or upstairs?”  We asked her what she preferred, she said, “Oh, come up to my room, it is beautiful.  I never dreamed I’d get to retire in a beautiful place like this.”  Her little apartment had a small kitchenette, sitting room and bedroom.  The feminine boarder print on the wallpaper around the perimeter of the sitting room gave it a striking touch that was surpassed only by the smile on her face.


I had never experienced such joy in the elderly.  It wasn’t a joy borne of material possessions, but one borne of living in a truly Christian environment; they were well cared for and loved.  Are you really sure we want to shut them down?  The Sisters Motherhouse is in France.  If they are forced to, they will leave their 35 homes in the US caring for thousands of elderly with a solicitude only the Lord could inspire.  Mother Mary Bernard is a friend of ours, she describes their work here in a two minute clip.

Four of our CK Sisters will go to join the Little Sisters of the Poor next week outside the Supreme Court.  Here is a synopsis of how they got to where they are now.


Dear Sisters, God bless you, my friends, fight well.  Use your feminine genius, and goodness to show the world who you are.  Goodness will prevail, the question is how long will it take, and how much damage will be done in the meantime.   The Lord is with you His Spouses, you make Him proud, me, too.

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