Colliding Friends

The two seven year olds were heading directly toward one another from opposite ends of the courtyard as fast as their young legs would carry them.  I began to grimace as I watched, anticipating a bone crushing collision.  There was nothing I could do at this point, as they were going to collide in about one nanosecond.  Concern was founded in the following:

  • At seven years old, life experience is limited, and at this point I feared life expectancy was limited for those two. Do they know what happens if you hit that hard?  And no helmets, or pads.
  • They don’t have much experience at knowing when you need to slow down…. or you two could well become one, and it has nothing to do with the morality of the world in which we live.
  • Seven year old boys are not known for caution, especially these friends.

Prompted by God’s grace, their own capable little minds and possibly my quick prayer, they both put the brakes on for the last 18” of their trip, and the little fellows gave one another a delightful hug, smiles across their little faces proclaiming with their actions, here we are, good friends ready for another day of school.  What a great way to start the day.


These two boys are good friends.  They help one another be good.  I asked each of them about the other.  They said, “We both play soccer together, and we always stick together.  “Yes, we team up.” Sometimes we make stories together; we did one at school and one at home.”

Poking into an area of frequent potential discord, I asked, “Are you kind to your siblings when you are together?”

“Most of the time,” One fellow said.

The other chimed in, “I don’t have siblings.”

I said “What about your sisters.”

He said, “I’m the youngest.”

“’Siblings’ means brothers and sisters.”

“Oh,” he said as the short dialogue abruptly ended.

Teaching kids what a good friend is and does is an important component of life.  How to be a good friend and how to choose one is an essential part of life, especially if we are to live well.


I pray the Lord will help me be a good friend and enable me to assist others in being truly good.  There are plenty of ways I can improve in being a good friend.  Thanks be to God I have a number of good friends who will help me.

Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter;

whoever finds one finds a treasure.

Faithful friends are beyond price,

no amount can balance their worth.

Faithful friends are life-saving medicine;

those who fear God will find them.

Those who fear the Lord enjoy stable friendship,

for as they are, so will their neighbors be. (Sirach 6:14-17)

Lord bless us all with good and holy friendships, and thank you for the ones with which we are currently blessed.

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