Sacramentals – Things that draw our minds and hearts to the Lord.  To help us observe Lent well, we here at school wear crucifixes daily.  The children typically leave them on their desks when they head home at the end of the day, lest they be forgotten the next morning at home.  They are little simple crucifixes, but they remind us of Jesus, and they get us used to wearing such sacramentals.  Have you considered wearing something similar during Lent?  A friend of mine teaches in the public school system but always wears a crucifix or Marian symbol.

One of our newer substitute teachers, who is recently retired from a system outside Lincoln, was initially impressed when the students began each class with a student led prayer.  He was back this week, and when the kids began praying they knelt.  He was edified; they told him it was the Lenten penance they had chosen as a class.  Well done, my young friends!

Jesus is all over the place here, may it be so on the inside, also, as that’s what these pictures we see on the outside are to remind us of, His indwelling presence.


May we find Him where He is, within and all around us!

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  1. Michelle

    This is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.

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