Lady Undoer of Knots Shrine

Our shrine is progressing nicely. Our Lady Undoer of Knots is getting a lot of business here. We are filling Our Lady’s shrine with our intentions. Visitors to the shrine stop in to pray for a minute, look at the intentions, or do some of the schoolwork as the Lord would have them.  It is a peaceful place to pause for a moment.

A few of the sections are quite full, and a number have room left for more intentions. If you have more fabric strips at home, please continue to send them in. If you would like more fabric strips, just let us know in the office and we can send some home to you. If you happen to be reading this from far away, and would like to add an intention to our shrine, just mail us a light colored strip of fabric an inch or two wide and a foot or two long and we will add it to our shrine.

IMG_2960A great thanks goes out to Dennis Welsh who’s ingenious creativity created our shrine from sticks on up.  After designing the shrine, Dennis and his children put the wood in jigs to get the proper curvatures.  If you look closely at the structure, it is truly a work of art. The craftsmanship on the lines as well as the wood is something of which even St. Joseph would’ve been proud.

IMG_2958The light at the top illuminates the Marian symbol.  It even has a remote so you can change the color of the symbol.  I have three favorites: dark blue for our Blessed mother, “Our Lady of Guadalupe blue”, and red which reminds me of Our Mother’s Son, and His Sacred Heart.

Children as well as adults enjoy the shrine on a daily basis. May our lady continue to undo the knots around and within us, particularly the knots that keep us from her son.

Praying for Lenten blessings for all,signature with links


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  1. How wonderful. I wrote a song that was performed at the Knotted Grotto in Philadelphia in honor of the Pope’s visit. We made a video of it on Youtube. I think your students would enjoy it.

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