I Want to Be a Grandma When I Grow Up

Grandparents Day – what a blessing it is.  Even if the program was a little long, nobody complains.  They were all so reinforcing of what we are doing at school.  Kind, patient, good, generous, yes, I think I want to be a Grandma when I grow up.

You may be thinking, “Sister, you got the wrong vocation.”  If you use a literal, narrow definition, you would be right.  It’s not often I am accused of being a liberal, but here’s a shot at it.  To be a good Grandma you have to be old enough that you don’t care so much what people think.  Then apply the kind, patient, good, generous, and I must add wise, qualities, and you are pretty much there, add a few kids and voila, you have a Grandma.  I must say my mom is a great example of a Grandma par excellance.  With the exception of the little grandkids, she gave us all a note this year for Christmas which struck me to the core with goodness.  It basically said, “We pretty much all have too much stuff anyway, and nobody really needs anything so in your name for Christmas I have donate the following money to the following charities…..”  Now that’s a woman who knows what she is about, and is leading in virtue by example.  She’d like our playground, too.

That sounds a lot like the parents who made the donation of a piece of playground equipment in memory of their four parents who have all gone to God, three of them quite recently.  They said, “We didn’t hesitate to do this because of what our parents taught us about giving back and ‘teaching it forward’/modeling for our own children.”

The other reason which prompted their donation was equally if not more compelling.  It went something like this, “We realize our kids are not world class athletes.  Sometimes soccer and team games get quite competitive.  Playground equipment enables all children to be active, and to participate and get along well without the intensity of competition.”  Well stated, and it rings true.  May the playground enable our little Christians to be even more so.

For any grandparents who were unable to join us, there are some good graphics in last week’s blog.  A few “moving pieces” are good to have in every playground.  Here are two of our moving pieces:

Ten Spin:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzbmcWcAaEw On the link see the safe version of the Merry Go Round that we used when we were kids, where we pushed from the center and you had better have God’s help if you fell down, or you could lose your head. The link shows it in action.  You can sit stand or kneel.

Ten spin

Group swing:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9bQooK54gLIaElmZ1cxUThjRXM/view?usp=sharing Kids tend to be social.  Erich Crouch who is working with us through Crouch Recreation said this is a hit with adolescents, as 4 to 6 of them can swing together.  Standing or sitting.

Accellerator Swing

Thank you, parents and grandparents for adding to our fund.  (You added $8,000) It will be good to have some equipment on our beautiful playground mat.  I am grateful to you all for being a blessing to your families, may you, too, continue to grow in wisdom age and grace.

In the Love of Christ,

Sister Mary Grandma, I have been called Grandma more than a few times by our children.





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  1. Welcome to the group!!!

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