Wanna Build a Playground?

OK, it took me several years, but I just saw Frozen.  If my snowman was Olaf, I’d sure want to build one!  While the question “Wanna to build a snowman?” was central to Frozen, we’d rather build a playground here at St. Peters.

We did build one, just over 20 years ago.  We have worn it out and expanded our building the other way, so it’s time to do the job again.  While we have been gathering funds for a few years, we have a long row to hoe, still, at this point.  I can hardly believe what playgrounds cost.  Currently we have funds to do the dirt work, concrete and mat.  That is a great start, but no equipment above the ground is not quite what we have in mind.  I have been so pleased to work with our very capable committee consisting of construction experts, physical therapists, and accountants, all of whom are also moms and dads.  The playground experts and PT people say climbing and hanging equipment is the place to go when helping children develop strength and coordination.

3D playground planThey also like a few pieces of equipment that move. As we look toward continuing to build funds so we can actually place a piece or two of equipment on the mat we will put down this summer.  We have two ways we hope to bolster the funds this year.  We are hopeful our grandparents will see the value of a playground and kick in a square or two on our mat (each of which cost about $50.00) and maybe even a piece of equipment or so.  We have also been given the green light to be featured in the “Fund an Item” for the Tailgate Fundraiser on Feb. 6th.

We have the perfect place for a playground and a great plan, “Want to help build a playground?”  If you wish to contribute at Parent/Grandparent Day on Feb. 1, that would be great, we are open to donations at any point.  In addition to the items featured on the map, to which we welcome partial contributions, you can “buy a square of the playground mat for $50.”

Playground Fundraiser Flyer (3)

This plan will be distributed on the tables on Feb. 1 also.  God bless you.  May His children here continue to grow in wisdom, age and strength.

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