Sometime You Just Need to Dance


For years I’ve noticed on occasion that some girls, especially the little ones, just need to skip down the halls. Skipping down the halls is a beautiful thing that spontaneously comes from their souls. Far be it for me to stop one of these little ones from extemporaneous skipping. It’s beautiful when the soul is motivated to skip. Some days I feel more like skipping than others, in which case it’s good to take a lesson from these little ones, and find joy in life!

Yesterday I saw something new. After many long years in education, it’s rare to see something new in these hallowed halls. This little girl was very much enjoying her pleated skirt.  Two steps down the hall, spin, two more steps, spin again. It was delightful to walk alongside her teacher as we both noticed the spins and continued on down the hall, neither of us having the least inclination to stop the child. While the likelihood of bumping into a wall or another child is slightly increased, somethings are just worth the risk. This is one of them.

dancing girls.JPG

And then there’s the little boy who’s not so much into dancing, as he is fascinated with God’s wonders in creation. This first grader not only reads well, but loves exploring God’s universe. On his own he did a little project on the solar system. To listen to him speak you never think this content came from a first grader. But I’m sure you won’t miss the motor skills as he communicates his information. His first grade voice as he relayed the information is also a delight. Our solar system is in the third grade curriculum, so he made a visit there and shared some of his fascination. The big kids were very kind and received him well. God bless them all.

Thank you for sharing your children with us and made the goodness and freedom that comes from being children of God continue to shine forth in them.

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  1. skipping and twirling…what joy!!! thanks for sharing!!! God Bless!!!!

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