What a Savior You Are

This Sunday we celebrate the last Sunday in Ordinary Time, which is the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. It is also the patronal feast of our religious community, the School Sisters of Christ the King. I admit that it was not until my first year in religious life that I was aware of the Feast of Christ the King. Now, this image of Christ as King is central to my entire spiritual life.

Christ the King

The centrality of Christ the King is reflected in the Sisters’ words and actions within the school community. We strive to live deeply our own fidelity to Christ the King and impart this same love for the King to our students. At the end of each school day, we pray together, “Christ the King, reign over us!” Our students are growing up with a beautiful awareness that Jesus truly is King. Student work displayed in classrooms and hallways reflects the Kingship of Christ.

CK darker

As I was preparing to write this article, a song came to mind which speaks to me of why the Kingship of Christ is important to understand. There is a King by Jim Cowan  reflects much of what is in my own heart as I prepare for the Feast of Christ the King this year.

There is a King who bears the scars of wounds

I caused by my own will        

Though I pierced His regal brow with thorns, 

His eyes reveal He loves me still.

Glory to the King of Heaven;

Praise the Bright and Morning Star.                      

Lord, I’ll sing this theme forever. 

What a Savior you are! What a Savior you are!

May we approach Jesus Christ the King with an awareness of our need for mercy (see Matthew 18:21-35 if you need a reminder) and with an even more profound awareness of our King’s desire to pour out His love upon us.

Christ the King, reign over us!

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