Saints Are Still Being Made

Saints are still being made. In fact, that is one of the primary reasons that our Catholic school exists. Our children are striving for holiness in the routine events of school life. It may be more obvious at daily Mass and other essential elements of spiritual growth, but the children are also given the opportunity to learn about (and LIVE) holiness by working together in Science class, reading stories in the library, or playing together on the playground.

JH science

This Friday, our first grade students will present the annual All Saints Parade. The sixth grade students helped to write the saint biographies and they will perform a skit to introduce the saint parade. What a beautiful way to recall our brothers and sisters who await us in Heaven and intercede for us while we ourselves are on the journey to Heaven!

6th and 1st

It is a blessing that various age levels of students are able to collaborate on projects such as this. Even more profound is the reality that they are learning from one another and from the adults in our school family what it means to live a Christian life! We are striving (may it be so!) for holiness each day, striving for faithfulness rather than perfection based on this world’s standards.

May our children always remember that they are called to holiness and greatness in the Kingdom of God. I echo the words of Pope Francis:

Dear young friends, do not be afraid to give your all. Christ will never disappoint you.


In Christ,

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