The Implications of the Bow

Occasionally I catch something spontaneous that makes me really proud of our children.  It is a blessing to see living breathing proof that the formation toward which we are striving is working.  And the best part is that the blessing comes from within them, I’m just seeing an outward manifestation of what’s inside, being lived out.

It has happened with the little ones and with the big ones.  The big kids brought the biggest smile to my face.  They were in the midst of being adolescents, with lively chatter, possibly a little louder than what would serve good order in our school, coming back from choir, band or music.   A mix of boys and girls were coming through the vestibule of the church toward the school.  In the midst of the movement of the little traveling swarm, as they reached the center of the vestibule, not quite, but almost on que, the group stopped, silently bowed to the tabernacle and altar of sacrifice in Church, then continued on, picking up in the buzz of their conversation where they had left off.


Students approaching the vestibule




Departure (OK we had to stage the replay)

There is a culture in every school, some of it tame, some of it less so.  We work with their minds, hearts, actions and words, with the intent of helping form the conscience and the soul.  I was thrilled to see the freedom reflected in such action; the initiative taken by some and the willingness to follow by others in reverence, the group is headed in the right direction.  And all done as a lay adorer was leaving the church after her hour of adoration.  Our kids edify others on occasion, let’s all work on making our edifying moments, seen and unseen, more frequent.  May the Good Lord continue to bless us all.

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2 responses to “The Implications of the Bow

  1. Joe G

    From Des Moines: We’re keeping our eyes on all of you; students, faculty and administrators. We are loving what we see! God continues to Bless all of you / us! Regards, Karen Plachy’s parents, Joe & Toni G

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