Thanks for the Slice of Heaven

Wow, Lord, you rather outdid Yourself on that one!  Not only was Peter Reynolds great with the children, he is a good man.  Not only were the all the presenters exceptional, so were the children.  Not only were the volunteers right where they were needed most, they were everywhere.  Not only was lunch scrumptious, it was beautiful.  Not only was the day well-coordinated, it was like a symphony.  And that closing session, ending with the music Mrs. Caradori stumbled upon in her collection, performed by our kids and Miss Bohlig……it was not just beautiful, it was stunning!  It just doesn’t get much better than that.  Mary Beth and all the Lit Fest committee and volunteers, fabulous job!  The Lord seemed to build it all on a layer of grace; it was such a graceful day.  I am filled with gratitude to the Lord and you, his friends, who helped make it happen.


I’d like to focus on Peter Reynolds, “the good man”, referenced above.  Two scenes from the day come to mind, firstly, repeatedly, Peter said in his own way with his actions, “Let the little children come to me.”  The committee knew Peter had a day’s worth of work ahead of him signing books, so they tried to get him some quiet time.  Peter invited all the kids who were here on Monday in to where he was signing and knocked chat out of them while he signed.  He also spent part of the few moments for lunch the next day, back in with the kids in the cafeteria, enjoying them.

Secondly, when I was visiting with Peter about the next book on the docket, he described an African woman he met who is “Princess Waterford” (or something like that).  That’s what her mom called her each morning as she placed her water jar on her head, then took up her own jug, as the two walked miles for the supply of water for the day.  ……..twenty years later, Peter meets the young woman and his next book is about her and part of the proceeds will go to help provide a well for that young woman’s village.


After I heard Peter’s story about the princess, I thought, should we send part of our mission money to help the cause?  As I was talking to the Lord about it, along with some of my consulters here, the last line of the Gospel hit me between the eyes.  In the Gospel, Jesus was blasting the scribes and Pharisees, and thrown in at the end, almost seeming out of place, He says, “…but give alms and all will be forgiven.”  That ended my discernment, and we included a significant donation from the children’s collections for the poor to the cause.  It was good for us to give a bit back to Peter and his friends, beyond what was expected.  We all gave and received so much yesterday; it was truly a good and beautiful day.

God has blessed us abundantly, thank you, Lord!

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