Life is Short…..So Why Ruin It with That, Ashley Madison!

Life is Short…..So Why Ruin It with That. Ashley Madison! (or whatever the name is, I’m sure not going to look it up to get it exact.)


So many people agree with the first phrase.  St Teresa of Avila reminds us that the worst suffering in this life, from the other side, in heaven, will seem like one night in an inconvenient hotel.   I guess if we are in hell, that hotel might look really good.  Let’s get the right view of time, and we will be more likely to use it the right way.

Time is short, spend it well.  We only get a chance to spend today’s time once, the next few minutes, once.  Lord, help me use them well.  Can I speak more charitably to the next person through the door?  Add a prayer for those in need?  Go do that which I would rather not, in honor of Him who did loves me?  Can you do something kind to your spouse or a coworker in reparation for the crimes against the family?  We are all tempted to do that which is less than good at times, and sometimes we are tempted to do that which is downright evil, even horribly evil.

My friends, as we learn of the evil in society and we see ways in which it is so widely accepted in the culture in which we live, may we be blessed with clarity of mind, thought, action and conviction.  Lord, we need you, I need you, if we are to see clearly in a world where there is a lot of fog….no pollution.  We have so many standards for limiting toxic emissions in the air, thanks be to God there are a few for the soul, too.  Lord make them prominent in life (remember the one about adultery, it made His top ten of old.)  Let’s give His Ten a renewal in our mind.  Let’s make the self sacrifice necessary to live married life and our vocation a part of our daily life.  It truly leads to lasting peace and joy.


Life on this side is short, the joys of heaven will never end, Jesus, help me get there.

In His Love,

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One response to “Life is Short…..So Why Ruin It with That, Ashley Madison!


    Amen! 😊

    Onward and Upward!
    Have a great day!
    Barb Hof Gordon, PhD
    402 484-7836 (CT)

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