First Day


First Day

Here we go!  Transitions, there’s nothing like the first day of school.  Nerves, preparation, excitement, it’s true for the kids and even for the faculty.  We all have a lot of grace available today as we gear up for another year.

First Day4       First Day3


May it be blessed, may we start it well, and live it well.  I’ve already witnessed charity on the part of the children, deferring to siblings, as well as on the part of the faculty, taking inconvenience in stride without missing a beat.

First Day2First Day5

May it be the beginning of the chains of many graces.  We accept one grace and it helps us and leads us to another, and another.  The kindergarten was particularly unique this year, no tears on the part of the children!  Typically a few have a hard time.  May the Lord sustain the grace.  The lack of tears speaks well of our parents getting the kids ready to come, they are so very ready to learn.  May we all do so well.

CKs at convent

Last week was also our first week in our new convent.  GLORIOUS, it has truly been a place of grace…..OK the picture is from last fall, we are in our light blue habit now, and the tree’s not in bloom, but that takes nothing from the fact that the convent is working out very well.  Thanks to so many of you who have helped with the process.  As we walk through the neighborhood you all are prayed for.  This morning at 5:55 am I was walking while praying my Rosary and a woman I met took me by surprise, saying “Good morning, I’ve got my beads,” as she held up her rosary.

My response, “I’ve got mine too, Blessed Day,” as I held mine up, too.  It is a pleasure to be in the neighborhood.

In Christ’s Love, with gratitude,

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3 responses to “First Day

  1. Barb Hof Gordon PhD

    Looks like fun, Sr. Michael! It’s a beautiful day, too!

    See you tomorrow. 😊

    Take care, much love, and God bless,


    Onward and Upward!
    Have a great day!
    Barb Hof Gordon, PhD
    402 484-7836 (CT)

  2. Eileen Pinedo

    Bless you all on your “first day” and all the days to come. You continue to bless lives each day and the trickle of God’s love and grace continues! Wishing all of the School Sisters of Christ the King another awesome school year! Blessings, The Pinedos

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