We’ve just about exhausted the school year.  If your home is like our school, the school year is not the only thing that is approaching exhaustion. It’s that time of year and things are quite busy as is ypical of the closing of the year both at home and at school. Now is the time to grow in virtue.  It is when we are spent and think we have little left to give yet keep on giving, that virtue is borne anew and grows.

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Speaking of growing in virtue, last week I was blessed to interview a large number of eighth graders who were applying for scholarships. The children were delightful and it was obvious they have grown into young men and women, in many instances their virtue was evident. One of the counselors from Pius was part of the interview team.  He repeated over and over, “I can’t believe the communication skills of these children.  Their eye contact and confidence is truly beyond their years.” I just smiled and nodded as I felt an ownership of my children, as a good principal ought.

I’d like to share a few of the comments from our eighth graders. One of the questions we asked was, “What are your goals in life, both short-term and longer-term?”  My favorite answer was from one of the girls who was very articulate in saying something like, “I hope to live a simple life, in a good family.”  My jaw dropped for the first time of the day.

One of the young men said, “I hope to raise my children well.”

Another said, “Well, of course I hope to get to heaven,” and then went on with some other shorter term goals.

One young man said, “I haven’t thoroughly discerned that with God, yet.”  Yet another young fellow wants to be an astrophysicist. It was surprising the thought and self-knowledge that was reflected by these young people.  At the end we asked if they want to add anything to the interview before we close.  One young woman spoke of the blessing of the interview process.  She said as she and her dad spoke about what it might look like, they really had a good conversation.  She said he had some really good constructive criticism, and that she could really count on him for good advice.  Did you hear that?  She had a very pleasant smile on her face when she said, “He had really good constructive criticism.”  Here we have a daughter talking to her dad, that’s one good thing happening here, then she listens to him…..rounding second…….and listening regarding “constructive criticism”, stated with a smile…….home run.  God be praised.

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