“Oh Give Me a Home, Where St. Peter’s Kids Roam…..”

We sang the song at the “Chili Cookoff”.  The “Home”, is also known as St. Peter Convent.  We are really looking forward to living here in the neighborhood.  Father Christensen, with the help of a benefactor and a few friends, has acquired a house for us, which is in the process of becoming a convent.  That process has been quite graced thus far.  In the last week God has been overwhelming me with the same thing over and over:

Generous people. Not only the benefactor who has provided much of the funding, but the people along the way.  People with knowledge about the process, like realtors, our volunteer “general contractor” for the project (wow, is he a get-the-job-done guy), and so many people along the way.  The PCCW women are helping to get the word out so others, who are poised to help, will be able to do so with ease.  These are the kind women who would have showed up at the Nativity with a hot meal and blankets, rather than gold, frankincense and myrrh, if they had lived 2000 years earlier.  Like Mary they see needs and respond.

Earlier this week, the three of us Sisters were over at the house for a few minutes.  I stayed a little longer as I was working on fixing a microwave handle.  I couldn’t get the thing off.  Tried for a few minutes and then wrote down the model number to look it up.  As I left the house, a parent who fixes gutters showed up to fix the south end which needed new downspouts.  He took off the little ones and added larger ones, as he said they were a bit undersized.  He was half way through the job when I headed back toward school.  Three houses down a neighbor was standing in the drive talking to a fellow who was spraying his weeds.  What a great opportunity to meet one of the neighbors, I thought.  We exchanged introductions, I quietly admired (and tried to decipher) his tattoos.  The gentleman introduced me to a cohort of his who was spraying the lawn, and we chatted.  The fellow with the sprayer said, “I’ve got half a sprayer of chemical here, do you want me to put it on your dandelions.”

“That would be great, thanks,” I responded.

Then the neighbor said, “If there’s ever anything I can do let me know.”  I told him about the microwave handle, he came down to take a look.  Three people, not one or two, but three people were all helping at the same time, spontaneously converging.  I’m praying we will be a source of charity in the neighborhood, we might be the beginning of some of it, but for now, we are the recipients of kindness from many angles (I did mean angles, but maybe angels is a better word choice).  God is overwhelming me with people’s goodness.  Just now another parishioner volunteered to do the window treatments.

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We are so grateful!  Charity wins hands down!  Charity wins for us, charity wins for you, charity wins for the Kingdom.  “Love never fails.”  Corinthians 1:13.  Long after the convent is in ruins and we are all dead, the charity will continue to have effect, and we will all be so glad we helped.  May the Lord enable us to do so regularly.  God is blessing us!

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One response to ““Oh Give Me a Home, Where St. Peter’s Kids Roam…..”

  1. Sister Mary Michael,
    Welcome to your new home.
    I am so happy charity is coming to St. Peter’s Convent by so many people.
    I am sure you will an Angel of charity to many.

    Fr. Bellopede

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