Toughen Up, Buttercup!

The little girl was two turning three.  Of the five siblings only she, considerably younger than all the others, had loose, natural curls which seem to fit her personality well. The little one had fallen asleep in the midst of a high school wrestling meet, having become spent at the all day affair, and was oblivious to the noise.  Later, while being carried to the car, she began to return to consciousness.  Her dad, after the trek out of the gym, down the hall, and beginning to cross the parkinglot, said to her, “Cecilia you’re getting heavy. ”

Still appearing somewhat asleep she muttered back, “Toughen up, Buttercup.”  We rolled in the aisle laughing as the story was recounted.

Rarely does the feminine genius show itself in humor so early in life. I love the interplay that occurred between father and daughter. Such relationships are a staple of family life. So many things are obvious from this vignette:

  • a child secure in her father’s arms.
  • a father who is working at helping his daughter mature past helplessness even at a young age.
  • I’ve heard it said that the ability to transfer concepts and make connections is a sign of true intelligence. We have a bright, little, Irish lass, here. To make the connection in humor is icing on the cake. You gotta love her.


May your family life be similarly blessed with the joy of humanity in this Easter Season.

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