All Heads Will Bow

A group of us were recently talking about general judgement at the end of time.  It will be quite a moment when all will be known.  Now, I realize we really haven’t a clue what it will be like, but there is a very real aspect to the excitement, and at the same time hesitancy at the thought of all that I’ve ever done will be known, good and bad.  It’s not the good that makes me nervous, not that I don’t have confidence in the sacramental forgiveness of confession…..but EVERYTHING known, even that which I don’t’ remember.  As we spoke of that moment, one in our group spoke of a universal moment of humility.  At that moment when “my stuff” is aired, simultaneously with “your stuff”, ALL HEADS WILL BE BOWED.  May we all practice bowing our heads, well and often.

.bowing headsbowed heads

bowed head

All of us with bowed heads, humbly acknowledging our need for mercy, surely such honesty is pleasing to the Lord.  As my head is bowed and my junk is aired, so is yours and your head is bowed and we all miss the misdeeds of others with our bowed heads and they miss ours as they are simultaneously brought to light.  God would do that, use each of us and our misdeeds to help us not see the others.  He wills to use all for good, how GOOD that would be!

The universal need for forgiveness and humility is part of our lived experience enlightened by faith.  Lent is a good time to recall those needs, especially as we see the price of sin as we enter into Holy Week.  May we have open hearts to receive His grace well.

In His Love,

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3 responses to “All Heads Will Bow

  1. Barb Hof Gordon PhD

    Lovely! Amen! 😊

    Onward and Upward!
    Have a great day!
    Barb Hof Gordon, PhD
    402 484-7836 (CT)

  2. Gayle Matz

    God’s saving grace…we will all be judged but believers will not be condemned.
    How humbling. There is a song called ” We Will All Bow Down”that says it most beautifully.
    Thank you for your posting.

    • Thanks for the comment Gayle, I don’t listen to much contemporary music, but I just listened to We Will Bow Down, truly beautiful, I can’t wait to see it all on the other side. We surely can bow down here too, and we need to, but we will be so much better at it there! The Kings will surrender their crowns, and they will hardly even know it, it will just seem so right! Blessed Holy Week to you.

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