Some Green for the Irish

Mother Joan Paul’s dad, Paul Tobin, loves every color, as long as it’s GREEN.  He’s as Irish as the day is long.    Our founder Bishop Glennon Patrick Flavin also had more than a bit of Irish blood in him.  Both Paul and the Bishop would like these pictures, too.

St Pat 1St. Pat 2

The Multimedia elective students helped me put the collage together, thanks, Sam and AJ.

During his homily on Tuesday, Father reminded us St. Patrick, was not Irish, himself.  That really struck me as odd.  St. Patrick was a missionary to Ireland, taken there first as a slave, then later he returned voluntarily as a priest and Bishop.  May He ask the Lord’s blessing not only on Ireland, but upon us all.

In Christ’s Love,

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One response to “Some Green for the Irish


    Loved the pics. They had so much fun with that… and the trivia about St. Patrick.

    Thanks also for announcing the Science Fair winners. 😊

    Take care and God bless,

    Onward and Upward!
    Have a blessed day!
    Barb Hof Gordon, PhD
    402 484-7836 (CT)

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