For those who may not be in the Peter Reynolds mania here, Peter has agreed to come for our Lit Fest next year.  We have been working with him remotely for ten years, and the committee has actively PURSUED him for the last year or so.  I do not know Peter personally yet, but the care he took to answer our invitation displays a care and respect for the human person that not only draws, but inspires.  Here’s the link to my favorite invitation piece we sent, created through the genius of Chris Thackeray in conjunction with a whole bunch of children. .

Peter’s answer, summarized here in three pictures, is also on this link in all of 3 ½ minutes – note the care he takes to give an answer!

The outline just before most of us "got it"

The outline just before most of us “got it”

It's clear here!

It’s clear here!

Yet another delightful sketch.

Yet another delightful sketch.

As I attend to email, I am reminded of examples and non-examples of careful charity.  Peter gives an example and in my case a non-example.  It’s 1:56 pm and 67 pieces of email have passed across my desk today.  I must admit part of my attack strategy is to get through them in as little time as possible, often that makes including charity in the responses considerably less likely.  The care I see in Peter’s response is at the other end of the continuum.

Never-the-less we all have our moments…..last night I had an opportunity to use care in a response to one of my Sisters.  We celebrate birthdays at home, we all have a prayer partner who is the responsible one for making the cake, setting a time for the gathering, lighting the cake on fire, etc.  My prayer partner (who will remain nameless, but will get a copy of this note), has had a couple tough issues at school recently.  We all have them occasionally and she is handling them very well.  Early this week she showed me a picture of a cake she thought was really neat.  I won’t say she outright asked for it for her birthday, but it was implied.  Here’s the picture she gave me

.Magazine picture

Several of the other Sisters chuckled, and silently thanked the Lord they weren’t her prayer partner.  I enjoy cooking and thought, “Let’s check this out.”  I went to the website recommended and felt up to the challenge for my Sister.  Here are a few pictures Sister Maura Therese took while I was at work.  Sister Maura did a true act of charity along with a couple other Sisters who helped with cleanup.  The cake wasn’t too hard, but do you know how many dirty dishes that cake made!  I’m not sure if the number hit three digits or not, but it was close.

The Beginning

The Beginning

Half way

Half way

Almost finished

Almost finished

Ta Da!

Ta Da!

Even though it’s Lent we will be having a Birthday cake tonight.  I’m excited for it, and I thank the Lord for making it turn out well.  We will see if it tastes half as good as it looks.  May He enable me to take a little more care in more of my responses.  Thanks, Peter, for the example, you, too, Chris.  It’s a great time, during Lent, to work toward responding to people with genuine care in all situations, even email.

God bless.

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4 responses to “TLC


    I am sorry to add to all the emails you must sort through but I couldn’t resist. Ever since I learned about Peter Reynolds I have been excited and happy! The luring and response were both so very well done. How blessed are we? 😊

    But, when I saw the cake you made for your prayer partner, I was moved to tears. Not only is the cake a masterpiece…. but the deep level of caring that I cherish in you, came shining through. That is the Sr. Michael I know and love! 😊 Your many God-given talents seem to be never-ending.

    I feel so very blessed and honored to be working with you at St. Peter’s.

    Thank you, take care, and God bless,


    Have a happy cake-eating day!
    Barb Hof Gordon, PhD
    402 484-7836

  2. Oh you can’t imagine how appropriate this is to this time in my life! God bless!!!

  3. Lincoln, NE!! I’m sort of surprised to see my hometown mentioned haha!! By the way, that cake looks delicious!

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