Ashes in Action

We are off to a good start.  We are wearing our Ashes well here.


So far I’ve kept my Lenten resolutions well and it’s already noon, 1/80th of the way to Easter.  Several reminders of the reason for Lent have been handed to me recently, the reminder that had faded from my mind was solidarity with those entering the Church.  It is important for us to work at being broad minded, it is easy to fall into a “me and Jesus” focus, or a vision that does not go beyond our own walls.  The Church calls us to see beyond ourselves in many ways.  Lord help me focus on You and Your People, one of whom I am.  May we all become more pleasing to You.


May we receive well the graces of Lent, He surely is not lacking in providing them.


Signature ball point pen

Sister Mary Michael, CK

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