Our Blessed Mother and an Emu

(The following is a true story with names changed to protect the innocent.)

The twisted ankle on the baseball player caused a crisis not only for him, but for his buddies, too, as he was good and the team needed him.  Emu oil is supposed to be good for joints so his dad looked until he found some and applied it liberally to the ankle.  When his daughter arrived home she noticed his head hanging as it didn’t look like her brother will be ready to play on Friday.  She told her dad, “Dad, use the emu oil if you want, but on Wednesday get out the Lourdes water, as it’s Mary’s Feast and she can help.”


Her dad responded, “Bring it on.”  So dad put the Holy Water bottle by the ibuprofen and his son’s ankle gets a little bath and the intercession of Our Lady and several of us.  There’s something really Catholic about the situation, use the emu oil AND the Lourdes Water.  The Lord would have us take every opportunity for good from the natural and supernatural order.  That’s one well-formed little girl promoting both the nature and grace!  Join us in prayer for that boy’s ankle, and let sports be the bridge through which Our Lord can make an entrance or reinforce His presence.  Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for him.


It wouldn’t be the first time sports was a bridge to the Lord.  This short video starts out all basketball and ends all priesthood.  Basketball can make a good bridge, so can a lot of other things.  Here it is if you’d like to watch:  http://www.heroicpriesthood.com/ press “watch” and the play button in the middle of the screen.

There’s also a good precedent for listening to the little girls in our midst.  Remember in the Scriptures when Naman the leper didn’t want to wash in the river as instructed by the prophet.  The little servant girl interceded, so he washed.  He was healed.  Do it again would you, Lord, please?  Mother, Mary, would you put in a good word with your Son for this boy, he’s also your son, as Jesus gave us all to you on the cross.

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