Impersonator Pictures

Catholic Schools Week – Tuesday we focused on those who give service, both in honoring our staff, and the children could dress as someone who gives service, either a Saint or a service professional.  What creativity some displayed!  While there were many that were unique, I’d like to highlight three of my favorites.

Starting with the youngest, there was the Mr. May impersonator.  The glasses and the tie were the clincher along with the name tag, jacket and smiling face.  You just had to laugh.  The size contrast of the individuals added to the fun.

service professions 3

I’d like to quote a faculty member about the Mrs. Decker look alike:  “She nailed it, starting with the curl on her hair, her striped shirt tucked into black slacks with a belt, accompanied by shiny black flats.  Oh, and she didn’t forget to wear glasses and a cross necklace.”

service professions 1

Then there was the true classic.  A 1940’s nurse provided a blast from the past.  The young woman when interviewed said, “You can take off the cap and the stethoscope and you have a blue candy stripper dress.  I hope to volunteer at the hospital sometime in the future.”

service professions 2

Thanks for contributing to the enjoyment of education.  God bless.

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