The Gift of Life

Pope Francis with a baby

The Loyola Press catalog adds this caption to the picture:  “You can — you must–try to seek God in every human life.”  – Pope Francis

Who will have that zucchetto on in the next picture.  I can readily picture it on the baby.  Pope Francis probably can, too, and I’ll bet he’d let the little fellow keep it.

January 22 is the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and a day that has profoundly impacted our country, our city, our Church, and our lives.  Let us foster a love of life and all that goes with it.  I see a love and support for life in our parish at Christmas in your generosity.  I see the love of life in the care that you have for your children.  I see the love of life as I watch the children roller-skate in the gym (don’t worry, they guarantee the skates won’t hurt the floor).  I see it in Mrs. Richter as she teaches the kids to skate.

We will see a love of life on an amplified level here next week as we celebrate Catholic Schools Week.  May we all live well the life with which we have been blessed and praise God for the grace and gifts that come to us through our Catholic School.  May that grace fall upon open hearts eager to build the Kingdom, may mine be one of them, yours and theirs, too.

In Christ’s Love.

Signature ball point pen



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