The Best Gift I Ever Gave

Sentence starters are posted downstairs in the Junior High hallway.  The Junior High students finished the sentences, wrote them neatly on large colorful sentence strips and they were put up for all to see.  Two stick out as being unique and particularly thoughtful and were intriguing.

Gifts given - wo names

First, “The best gift I ever gave was for the people living in poverty.  In the adopt a child program, me and my friends (sic) grouped up and bought all kind so needs like:  towels, jackets, clothes, shoes, etc.”  Something in that child knew that gift was really needed.  Also what a pure gift, to give where there is no hope of return (in this life anyway)!

Secondly, “We are supposed to write about the best gift I’ve ever given.  Well, I haven’t given yet (sic).  I’m giving it to my mom on Christmas Eve.  My brother and I are going to sing, “Breathe of Heaven” as a duet for her during Christmas Eve Mass.  She loves it when we sing and she is going to melt when she hears it.”  That’s a child who knows her mother well.  I cannot think of a better gift for a mom.

Aren’t they good kids!  These two as well as the other sentences make me proud of them.  And thanks Mrs. Caradori for giving such assignments for writing and posting them in the hall. They inspire us all.

With the Love of the Little King,

Signature ball point pen

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