The Exit Question We All Need to Get Right!

In order to leave, you have to have an answer to the question of the day.  Typically it is not an extremely difficult question, but may be one that requires some thought or creativity.  Teach Like a Champion and other contemporary pedagogies encourage the “Exit Ticket Technique”.  Providing an opportunity for students to respond with something they learned in class or a key concept of the day helps them process the material at hand.  It is also a good way to get a response from each and every child in the class as they file by to leave.

Exit sign

During Advent we prepare for the Lord, both at the end of time and at Christmas.  As we look to the end of time, especially the end of our time, I wonder if the Lord will have an exit question.  If He does, I think I know the answer I will give – JESUS.  Pretty much any question the Father will ask probably has one answer and it’s all tied up in the Little Babe He sent long ago to save us from sin, to show us love and how to love.

Transitioning from time to eternity, it is a really smooth description for the reality of death that is before us all.  We are all headed there, so let’s receive well the graces of Advent, which help us prepare for His coming.  By doing Advent well, we can do life well, making the transition at the end something for which we will be well prepared with His grace.

So how do we do Advent well today– a few ideas:

  • Keep the preparation for the BABE in the picture – Jesus – Christmas. Happy Holidays, Winter Solstice, Seasons Greetings. Blessed Advent, BLESSED CHRISTMAS, let Jesus be the Reason.  May The Answer to the exit question be alive and well in my heart.
  • Silence – be intentional about carving out a little somewhere in life to invite Him in.
  • Prayer – it fits well with the silence. Don’t feel like you need to fill the silence with words, rather with desire to have Him fill the time and the silence with His presence or sometimes with a bit of peace.
  • Simplify – your “list” as well as your giving. (SCRIP could revolutionize gift giving if your kids are older especially.)
  • Give – to those whose need is intense, in your family, your community and the world. Give time and prayer, too.
  • Sacrifice – When I use my sacrifice beads, ten times a day I can greet inconvenience with a smile instead of my usual growl.
  • Prioritize – keep first things first, see the top of the list.

Lord, help me live it well, and help all our school families to do the same.  Blessed Advent to you all.

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  1. thank you! blessed advent!!!

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