Spanish – Speaking the Lingo in Real Life

Our SFA gave a fleece to the teachers a few years ago.  Today I took a fleece to those who were not here when we did the original gift, one of whom was Miss Winter.  She was teaching 5th grade and so I asked her to leave for a minute and go out of the room beyond ear shot.  I asked the children if they could tell her we have a fleece for her using only Spanish.  At first they thought they couldn’t, but then someone found jacket on their vocabulary sheet, and they all knew blue, azure.  It became clear that the communication was possible.  So back she came and away they went.  We were mispronouncing the Spanish word for jacket, but with a few hand gestures the communication came off well.  Blue, helped as did San Pedro….Here’s the class with Miss Winter and her fleece.  Sometimes the enjoyment of education surpasses our anticipation, and sometimes the education we are instilling far surpasses our own.  (It is a bit embarrassing to say the kids here know more Spanish than I do.  But the measure of a good education is not calibrated to my education or yours, but that which we are capable of accomplishing.  We aim to give the kids our best, and all that we can.)  Thanks, fifth graders and Miss Winter for a delightful educational encounter, both in giving and in communicating.

looking at the fleece

looking at the fleece

Miss Winter and the 5th graders

Miss Winter and the 5th graders

In Christ’s Love,

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