Cheese – How long does that pizza need to be in the oven to melt the cheese?

I’m heading into Mass thinking about the pizza and the cheese.  The mind is not where it should be, but “Lord, you know thirty of us are going to be eating that pizza we just made, and it would be good if it was properly done.  Yet, Lord, You are the BIG CHEESE, help me shift my mindset.  Align my mind as you would have it,” and He seemed to do so (for a change).  Sometimes He does and sometimes I ask and still my mind wanders the known universe.  Yet this time He drew the heart, and later the pizza came out just fine.

Alignment is important.  My dad would be proud, as he was a farmer, and by nature a fix-it kind of guy.  When a car’s tires don’t fully follow the way they should and the car is out of alignment, and you take undue tread off the tires.  How much tread we take off our tires in worry and concern about the wrong things when our priorities are out of alignment?  Yet, how hard it is to stay aligned.  There are a few things far beyond my ability to control that were on my mind just this morning.  Then the music at Mass started and “The Lord is my light and my salvation, of whom shall I be afraid.”  It helped realign my interior, realizing the Lord is in charge, do what I can and leave the rest in His capable, loving hands.  Sometimes he washes away the mud and crud as He realigns us and helps us love rightly.  I love it when He does that.


May He do so for you and your family, also.  May we give Him the chance; I think He loves it when He can do it, too.

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