The Beauty of Family Life

The Church is in the process of conducting an extraordinary synod on the family.  Ultimately the goal is to recognize the goodness and beauty of what God orchestrates through the family.  At the last faculty meeting we considered the beauty of our experiences in family life.  In small groups we shared some of the most beautiful memories we have of family life.

As we ride in the car a couple times a day, we Sisters shared our memories.  Sister Mary Gabriel described going on family picnics after Mass on Sunday. Often they would go to a nearby state park where there were walking paths and a creek that was very inviting to small, bare feet.

Small Bare Feet

Small Bare Feet

Sister Mary Maximilian recalls…”the hours of rolling newspapers with my siblings after school.  My older sister and brother had a paper route that they shared.  My younger brother and I would often help them.  The many hours spent in our front hall comparing our hands that were blacked by newspaper print, shooting rubber bands as each other, complaining about the cold and just being with one another helped to create strong bonds with  my siblings that I look back on with fond memories.”

Roll 'em Up Kids

Roll ’em Up Kids

And for my own memory, I still vividly recall my parents, two older brothers and I sitting around the family dinner table.   I was about 13 and my brothers 16 and 17, when my parents told us they were having another baby.  The excitement about sent me through the roof, I was thrilled, I think the others were, too, I was so elated I don’t think I could catch their mood.  “Little brother” was born and it seems he was soon over six feet tall and eventually weighed even considerably (that’s not nice to say) more than I did, but still enjoys the “little brother” label.  The “child of my parents old age” has always been a favorite of us all, like Isaac was to Abraham.  But don’t tell him that, he will get an even bigger head.

Dinner table - OK so it isn't us, but you get the idea.

Dinner table – OK so it isn’t us, but you get the idea.

God bless your family life as you engage in the daily grace of the most important task on earth, the formation of the human person.  You are in my prayers, please keep us in yours, too.

In Christ’s Love,

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