What a small window of life when we lose our baby teeth as they are pushed out by our permanent ones.  How easy to forget about the process, as most of us only go through that stage once, or maybe it should be said once ourselves and once again with eachy child.  This morning in the courtyard, the toothless smiles I encountered spoke to me of the carefree nature of childhood.  We’ve had some heavy issues this week as several families have been dealing with heavy crosses, though their faith has given flesh to the incarnation of hope.

Take a little vacation from the heavy things in life to consider the phase of life that is “Toothless” as a child (there could be another chapter of toothless, but that would be on the other end of life.)

IMG_0896  IMG_0909  IMG_0902IMG_0903  IMG_0916

For many more examples go to:

God bless us all fully toothed and those who are short a few!

In His Love,

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