Kids Enjoying the Rosary

Yesterday’s Living Rosary, where students are the beads, was delightful in its simplicity.  In the St. Peter tradition of the Living Rosary, the third graders surround the sanctuary of the church making the shape of the rosary.

Hail Mary!

Hail Mary!

My Turn!

My Turn!


9th Hail Mary

9th Hail Mary


When the prayer is being prayed that corresponds to their “bead” the child raises a flower high in the air.

Announcing the Mysteries and Meditations

Announcing the Mysteries and Meditations

Members of the class led an introduction to each decade and led the prayers from the microphone.  There is a noble simplicity to the event, which the third graders carry out without a catch.  I noticed as they entered the church that the teachers had prepared them exceptionally well.  The children waited in line and entered at the prescribed intervals without any teacher intervention.  We can “put” kids where we want them, but how much better when we can help them learn the process and then carry it out on their own.  For those of you there yesterday, did you notice the teachers?  Neither did I, they were invisible in the “final draft”.  Well done students and Mrs. Valaika and Mrs. Svoboda.

Don't Miss the Tip Toes

Don’t Miss the Tip Toes

Closing Prayers of the Rosary

Closing Prayers of the Rosary


As the third grade classes prepared, one of the teachers shared a story from one of the families who lives very close to the church.  How beautiful when eight and nine year olds are asking their parents, may I go up to the church and pray a Rosary.  They sometimes also ask, “Can we pray the Rosary as a family tonight?”

Each October we send Rosaries home with each family along with “How to Pray the Rosary” pamphlets.  Here the fourth graders just received their packets for the day to take home.  We have three or four different rosaries in each packet, large and small, various colors and shaped beads.  The children enjoy seeing what type of rosaries are in their packet, as well as what is in their neighbors packet.

Watch them enjoying:

In His Love,

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