What is THAT? …..Does it really matter who wins? YES!

A Post Hole Digger

While we are in Lincoln, the number of adults who correctly identify the tool above is surprising!  It is a post hole digger.  Clearly such knowledge is not necessary for salvation, but rather reflects the agricultural experience that is often not too far down the line in many of our families.  Identifying the item is an easy trivia question for country kids with a strong work ethic.  Have you ever operated one of them when building a fence, it is the embodiment of hard work!  (Do you recall the scene from “The Ultimate Gift”, where the fellow fails on the first round of fence building, but not round two!)

In the ongoing effort to engage the children, the students in 8B will have the opportunity to operate a post hole digger.  We will be installing four tetherball poles next week (provided the weather cooperates) on our playground and the students in 8B will be helping as part of their reward for their participation in Fit for Peter, which is 100%, I might add.  Well done, 8B!   When the children help install the poles, they not only get to learn to use a new tool, but understand and hopefully appreciate the playground equipment a little more and will help us keep it in good shape.  (Tom Sawyer has nothing on us!)  With 28 of them and four holes we won’t work too hard.

We have a few weekly awards coming for participating in Fit for Peter.  Does it really matter who wins.  To the kids it does, and to us as adults and as a parish, when participation is good everyone wins.  So yes it does matter who wins, especially when we all do through a successful fund raiser.  In the meantime, we work toward creative reinforcement of their participation, especially now with the wellness committee putting a crimp on the ice cream!

Back to the post hole diggers….at the last SFA Board meeting the post hole digger from the Motherhouse was in the corner, and I was delightfully surprised when two of the six adults sitting at the table said, “Do you need another one, you can borrow ours?”  One would think Lincoln is more or less a big city.  People from the city don’t have post hole diggers.  We surely have a delightfully diverse lot here!

Waiting for the party to begin!

Waiting for the party to begin!

St. Joseph, pray for us.

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