The Gift of a Life, or Two

Last Friday on the Feast of Mary Our Queen, a major Feast of the CKs in addition to being Sister Regina Marie’s Patronal Feast, I sent a few pictures to the staff and some friends.  As both of our Sisters who made perpetual profession about three weeks ago, Sister Mary Gabriel and Sister Regina Marie, served here last year, I’d like to share the pictures with you, too.

I must add, how beautiful to see the great support and numbers of school families who came to the ceremony at the Cathedral.  Thank you for sharing in our joy, supporting our sisters and community, and praying for us.

SMGa profession

Sister Mary Gabriel receiving the sign of peace from the Bishop.


The sisters lie in the sanctuary of the Cathedral, symbolic of death to self, necessary for the vowed life.  We all pray the Litany of the Saints for them while they are there, dying and praying for us.

SRM Signing

Sister Regina Marie signing the official register on the altar of sacrifice.  The altar is intentionally used as the place of signature as they lay down their life for Jesus, His Church, and His people.  The only other thing the altar is used for is offering the Mass.

SMGa Parents

Sister Mary Gabriel giving her parents the sign of peace.  Humanity doesn’t get much happier than this!  One teacher said she covered up Sister and asked her daughter whose parents these are.  She figured it out in short order!

For more pictures visit our community Facebook page at:

May the Lord bless these Sisters and all of us as we make use of the grace of our vocation.  May the children be open and find the road the Lord calls them to follow to Him.

In Christ’s Love,

Signature ball point pen

Sister Mary Michael, CK


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