“Lord, help my mom today…..”

“Mom, I’m praying you will be OK without me today,” the kindergartner said on her way to school yesterday. That little one warms my heart!

After about 25 years of having little ones left at home when school starts, for the first time, nobody is left. The youngest started kindergarten – the first step toward an empty nest. A mother’s heart strings are stretched. I spoke with mom to get the rest of the story, “We always pray in the car when we start out, after a short prayer we mention our special intentions, that’s when she added her prayer.”
The scene speaks so loudly and beautifully of the blessing of family, and the ability of the little ones to be connected to the Lord. We also have a kindergartner who is thinking of her mom. I must say, she had no trouble adjusting to kindergarten! She loved it, which probably helps mom, mostly anyway.
When I was a child I have memories of the car, too, not many of them involved prayer. I don’t know about your car rides with children, but starting with a prayer seems like it would make any ride just a little better. The mom in the story above, along with her family, start each journey with the prayer below. She says, “It’s short and to the point, the kids don’t groan, it works well for us.”

Our lady of the Highway

It is the prayer we, as Sisters, inherited from the IHM’s who helped us get started. It is so good to see it adopted by families, enabling even getting in the car to be a source of grace by turning out hearts and minds to the Lord. We will send a copy of the prayer card home with each family today. If you’d like another or a few more for other vehicles, please let us know, we’d be glad to supply them for you. May Mary, Our Mother, bless your each of your journeys and all the time between them.
In Christ’s Love,

Signature ball point pen
Sister Mary Michael, CK

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  1. Becky D

    We pray this one on trips, too! 🙂

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