Convergence of Vocations

Occasionally several things converge leaving us with a heightened view of the issue at hand, in this case, vocations to the priesthood and religious life. were beautifully renewed. Within ten days several of the Sisters and I attended:

  1. The ordination of ten deacons [eight for the Lincoln Diocese, one our very own Stephen Graeve, along with two for Sri Lanka. The Bishop affectionately calls them SriLincolns. Our diocese has adopted them as part of the missionary outreach in the church (or is providing their formation.)]Deacon Graeve and Fr. C
  2.  The ordination of four priests for our diocese. Most of whom I knew well from my time as vocation directress a few years back.
  3. The ordination of one priest for the Grand Island diocese. They really filled their Cathedral well for the occasion, also.
  4. The 25th anniversary Mass celebration of thirteen of our diocesan priests. Twelve were present and Bishop Folda, an old friend from the Newman Center was the main celebrant.
  5. The opening of the renovation of the convent in St. Joseph MO where our sisters live while we attend Benedictine College (BC). The house that they have provided for the last nine years has been outgrown. They are renovating, for our use, the beautiful old convent between the church and school which has eight, count them eight, bedrooms, which will amply spacious for our sisters. We went there to thank them for enabling us to pursue a Catholic Education for our sisters, through their generous provision of a convent home. They provide the house, we live in the parish, and one sister is about half time in the school, the rest travel to BC for school.

Throughout the experiences the importance of the early formation of our young people was emphasized. What a blessing to be involved in such work. It is also interesting to go outside our diocese (as in #3 and #5 above), where good things are happening, too. May the Good Lord continue to build His Church in us, around us, and for us, through His grace and with our full cooperation.

In preparing for this note, I was reviewing last year’s note on magnanimity. It is magnanimous hearts that are required to live any vocation well, and really to live any day well. From Pope Francis:

The principal element in school is to learn to be magnanimous. ….. which makes us always look at the horizon. What does it mean to be magnanimous? It means to have a big heart, to have greatness of mind, it means to have great ideals, the desire to do great things to respond to what God asks of us and, precisely because of this, to do well the things of each day, all daily actions, commitments, meetings with persons. To do the little things of every day with a great heart open to God and to others. Hence it is important to take care of the human formation aimed at magnanimity. School does not only widen your intellectual but also your human dimension.  (Pope Francis’ Meeting With Students, June 07, 2013.

All our children want to be magnanimous.  They, and I too, can do so today by doing well the tasks at hand.  That “to do” list the children have today.  If Jesus, or Mary, left them that list would they approach it any differently?  I forget sometimes that it is He to whom I belong and I do the job for Him.  You, too, can do so.  Lord help me write well, and all the jobs after this too, please.

Parents, I thank you for your magnanimity as parishioners here.  Music, art, library, computer, and science renovations last year, this year the gym, that’s magnanimity in action as a parish providing for our children.  Your example inspires me.  God bless your support and sacrifice for our school and parish.

In Christ’s Love,

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